Campaign News


Apr 29, 2023

Eddie Melton will provide leadership Gary needs

The quest for a better Gary continues, as several who have been entrusted with the task of providing leadership along the way have often failed to do so.

Once again voters are being asked to put their trust in one of two individuals seeking the office of mayor, the incumbent Jerome Prince, and his challenger Senator Eddie Melton.

Mayor Prince asks voters to re-imagine Gary. During his tenure, however, residents never envisioned part of the re-imagining would include the closing of the Genesis Convention Center after a botched attempt under Prince’s administration to sell the facility.

While in office Prince also oversaw the closing of the Gleason Golf Course and the continuation of nonexistent city services, leaving city streets dotted with potholes, and nonfunctioning traffic lights at major intersections throughout the city. Many neighborhoods experienced nonworking street lights. Neighborhoods where the streetlights ceased functioning created breeding grounds for crime.

A veteran of Indiana politics, Melton’s campaign recognizes the need to focus on the immediate needs of the city. His slogan calls for no opportunity to be wasted in improving the betterment of the city. He sees the need to utilize every bit of capital, human and otherwise, in the pursuit of a better city. He has the capability to lead a successful effort to recreate the city Gary can be, a thriving hub of economic activity and strong and vibrant neighborhoods.

Throughout his career in the public and political arena, Melton has shown servant leadership as a social worker and mentor to those at risk. In the Indiana State Senate, he has authored legislation that benefits the Gary community. Through his efforts Gary was able to change to land-based gaming and thus increase revenue the city receives from the casino.

Melton has also offered an infrastructure plan that addresses repairing the city’s decaying infrastructure. His approach to public safety is proactive and calls for program initiatives that bridge the gap between citizens and first responders.

Public sentiment favors Melton as mayor. The consensus among the citizens of Gary is the city will have a leader who will bring about the much-needed change. We recommend Eddie Melton for mayor.