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Transparency, Integrity, and Servant Leadership.

“We can continue to be silenced or come together to be heard. We must make the investments required in education to innovate and shape our future.”

Eddie Melton

Respected Indiana Leader

Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Eddie Melton understands the issues of everyday Hoosiers because he has lived them. From his experience working in social services, to a mentor to at risk youth, to a program director for a mental health agency, Eddie has given a voice to the voiceless.

His Experience and His Devotion to His Community Run Deep

Eddie Melton represents Indiana’s 3rd State Senate District in the Indiana General Assembly. He also serves as the manager of Corporate Citizen and Community Relations for Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). Prior to joining NIPSCO, Melton worked for the Legacy Foundation, Lake County’s community foundation in Northwest Indiana. Melton has served as chairman of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males and has served on the State Board of Education, representing the First Congressional District of Indiana. Melton also serves as the National Vice Chair on the Education Committee for the National Conference of State Legislators.

A Nationally Recognized Education Leader

Senator Melton is recognized as a champion of both education and youth mentoring. He has been instrumental in establishing mentoring organizations around the country and in 2015 was asked to work with former President Barack Obama’s Administration in implementing My Brother’s Keeper, a national initiative designed to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color. In education, Senator Melton has championed raising teachers’ pay, increasing performance, and understanding the value of education as a barometer of personal and professional achievement. Senator Melton graduated from Calumet College of St. Joseph with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management. He lives in Gary, IN with his wife Crystal and their four children.

Investing In Education

After traveling across the state and listening to our teachers and administrators, Eddie Melton introduced a bill that would address the startling lack of compensation teachers receive in the State of Indiana. Melton proposed raising teacher salaries by appropriating additional funds to the school funding formula in the 2019 budget session, showing our teachers that we value the hard work they do for all of our state’s children. Improving teachers’ compensation will also address the prevalent teacher shortage our state has increasingly faced over the years.

Supporting Hoosier Children with Developmental Disabilities

Senator Melton is also the proud author of Senate Enrolled Act 475, requiring the State Board of Education to amend its rule stating that developmental delay is a disability only identifiable for students between the ages of three and five years. This changed the statute, extending the upward age cap to nine years of age and provides additional funds for teachers to educate children with developmental disabilities.

Economic Development

Senator Melton is helping pave the way for fresh and innovative approaches to economic development across the state of Indiana. In just his 2nd year in the state legislature, he co-authored bipartisan legislation that reimagined Gary’s historic lakefront as a North American logistic hub, allowing for the relocation of the Majestic Star Casino to the heavily travelled 80/94 interstate corridor and the provisional allowance of world class gaming operations in Terre Haute. A move that would yield millions in new tax revenue and advance thousands of new jobs across the geographical expanse of the entire state.

By providing gaming licenses to the communities that would yield the highest and best use for the state as well as laying the groundwork for thousands of additional new jobs, tax revenue and infrastructure improvement, Senator Melton has proven to represent the kind of comprehensive vision needed to take Indiana to the forefront of a new global economy.

Hate Crimes Legislation

When Statehouse Republicans gutted the state’s first chance at passing meaningful hate crimes legislation, they silenced the most vulnerable amongst us. They told Indiana and the rest of the country that our state does not protect its citizens. Eddie will continue to fight to ensure that every Hoosier no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, gender or age, are protected and that crimes against someone due to their immutable characteristics are unacceptable and unwelcome in this state.