Plans | Apr 30, 2023

Illegal Dumping Plan

Every resident of a city is intrinsically tied to the appearance of that city, particularly its urban core and primary entertainment districts. When a city’s aesthetic is associated with litter and waste, blight, abandoned buildings and homes, a lack of proper landscaping and a generally unrefined cityscape, its people are emotionally burdened. In these cases, […]
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Plans | Apr 19, 2023

The Melton Infrastructure Modernization Plan

Roads, streetlights, bridges, broadband internet, buildings, transportation centers and water/sewer utilities are all critical components of a city’s infrastructure. While older cities like Gary maintain the benefits of historic value and traditional urban planning not always found in younger cities, they often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to the upkeep of municipal […]
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Plans | Apr 01, 2023

Education Innovation Policy

Centering the educational needs of our residents will be one of my highest priorities as Mayor. From our littlest neighbors to our adult lifelong learners, ensuring our residents are met with the resources and relationships that cultivate a well-nourished community is part of what builds a thriving city. My Education Innovation policy will incorporate state […]
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Plans | Mar 30, 2023

Public Safety Policy Plan

Keeping people safe is the first job of the government. Our city faces an epidemic of gun violence, and domestic violence is on the rise. The time is NOW for clear and decisive leadership from the Mayor of Gary, whose fundamental role is to set clear goals, provide the resources necessary to realize those goals […]
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