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Infrastructure Modernization

Apr 19, 2023

For Immediate Release

April 19, 2023


Sen. Eddie Melton releases Infrastructure Modernization Plan


GARY – Today the Eddie Melton for Mayor of Gary campaign released the campaign’s Infrastructure Modernization plan.

“Our municipal infrastructure is one of the chief responsibilities of the City of Gary, and residents deserve solutions and transparency in the city’s process to restore and rebuild,” said Sen. Eddie Melton. “My Infrastructure Modernization plan addresses both short and long-term goals to tackle Gary’s most troubling infrastructure challenges over the next 10 years. These goals are both ambitious and feasible, and achieving them will greatly improve both residents’ quality of life and the ways in which our city government is able to sustain and promote our city.”

Melton’s Infrastructure Modernization plan for Gary addresses residents’ principal concerns of “failed” city streets, sidewalk improvement and streetlight repair and modernization.

The plan involves implementing the PASER rating system to evaluate, rate and address poor streets with an emphasis on equity and transparency in repairing roads throughout the city.

You can view the full Infrastructure Modernization plan linked here.

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