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Gary Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Sen. Eddie Melton for Mayor Of Gary

Mar 16, 2023

GARY – Today, the Eddie Melton for Mayor of Gary campaign announced the public endorsement of the Ben K. Perry Lodge 61 of the Fraternal Order of Police, who represent nearly 250 officers in the City of Gary’s interest, for Sen. Eddie Melton’s mayoral candidacy in Gary.

“It is with sincere gratitude that we announce this endorsement from the FOP, understanding the critical role our men and women in law enforcement serve to our community here in Gary,” said Sen. Eddie Melton. “Public safety is a huge priority of our campaign, and the officers I’ve spoken with have been supportive of my vision for Gary, including the collaborations we will have with other local agencies to make our city safer, better-resourced and more innovative to keep up with 21st Century policing standards.”

In a letter sent to the Melton campaign signed by Delmar Stout, President of the Ben K. Perry Lodge 61 of the Fraternal Order of Police, the organization noted, “Gary Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 61 feels very fortunate to have a friend that has been committed to public safety in our community and attentive to our needs running for the office of Mayor. We feel you will be an asset in the growth and positive direction the City of Gary needs. Therefore, the Gary Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 61 urges all members and their families to support you for election in your office, and that you will not forget our willingness to work with you and our continued quality of life efforts for our membership when you are elected as Mayor. We look forward to your victory and working with you.”

A preview of Eddie Melton for Mayor Public Safety Policy Plan is included.

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