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Gary legislators say they will introduce bill to return local control to Gary schools

Nov 26, 2022

Published November 14, 2022

GARY — State legislators representing Gary held a workshop Tuesday afternoon to receive feedback from residents on how they should proceed with their efforts to return the Gary Community School Corp. to local control.

This comes nearly five years since the state government took over control of the local school system, which at the time had around $100 million of debt.

State Rep. Vernon Smith, D-Gary, said the group plans to introduce legislation that would re-establish a locally elected school board for Gary and end state management. However, he is skeptical that Republicans, who control the legislature, would allow it to be heard on the House or Senate floor.

“One thing we have to realize is that we, as Democrats, are not in control,” Smith said.

Alongside Smith were state Sen. Eddie Melton, D-Gary; state Rep. Ragen Hatcher, D-Gary; and state Rep. Earl Harris, Jr., D-East Chicago.