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Sen. Eddie Melton Announces Campaign for Mayor of Gary

Nov 26, 2022

Released November 16, 2022

GARY, IN — Sen. Eddie Melton, a native of Gary and Assistant Minority Leader of the Indiana state senate, announced his candidacy for Mayor of Gary today at 5 p.m. at campaign headquarters (3669 Broadway, Gary, Indiana 46409).

In his announcement speech, Sen. Melton highlighted a five-tenet policy plan for his approach to solving some of Gary’s toughest problems once elected. The plan includes solutions for:

  • Public safety
  • A reliable city government
  • Addressing basic needs
  • Economic development
  • Investing in Gary’s youth

“How will we redeem Gary to her true glory? We will empower and secure her people. When we build up people, people will build up their communities. Without proper leadership in City Hall, we can’t expect our neighbors all over the city to have the resources or inspiration to lead in our communities. That leadership can’t wait another four years. It is needed NOW. Under my administration as mayor of Gary, there will be No Opportunities Wasted,” said Sen. Eddie Melton.

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