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‘Ready for Eddie’: State Sen. Melton announces bid for mayor of Gary

Nov 26, 2022

GARY — “I am running for mayor because Gary deserves better right now,” state Sen. Eddie Melton, D-Gary, told the crowded room Wednesday evening.

“Gary has always been resilient, now it is time for us to be prolific,” Melton said.

It was standing room only in the small storefront located at 3669 Broadway, which will serve as Melton’s campaign headquarters.

Attendees chanted “We’re ready for Eddie” as Melton got behind the podium.

The two-term senator’s campaign is built around the phrase “Gary Deserves Better NOW.” Melton said the use of “NOW” was intentional, standing for “No Opportunities Wasted.”

“We can’t afford to wait another four years to get it right,” Melton said. “We have to move past just simply reimagining Gary without a plan.”
Born and raised in Gary, Melton has grown frustrated with the lack of progress in the city. From economic development to basic city services, “the communities surrounding Gary are 20 and 30 years ahead of us in every category,” Melton told The Times.